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Supported by Catherine McGrath Media


Catherine McGrath is inspiring new ways for businesses, organisations and professionals to communicate in the events world through inspiring and interactive MC services/keynote speaking and transformative training in the #Business Speaking and #WomenSpeaking programs. For 3 decades Catherine McGrath has shared her political insights with Australian audiences on SBS and ABC television, radio & online. She is Australia’s ‘go to’ presentation & media trainer and we have had the pleasure of having Catherine mentor and train our ShowRoom Speakers for this event. Thank you Catherine!  Find out more at

Speakers, Sat 15th Feb 2020

Inside Intel - Interior and architecture trends for 2020

FEB 15TH 10:15am, MAIN STAGE

Join Maria Filardo and Meg Campbell as they discuss the new design statements to make in 2020. Maria has always dreamed of creating exceptional sustainable spaces for her clients; taking great pride in her ability to inject their personalities into the spaces they inhabit. Having worked for many of the top Canberra design firms she has first-class experience working on top-end projects alongside Canberra’s best designers. Since then, Maria has worked on a large variety of projects in almost every area of architecture and is a guest lecturer at CIT, imparting her passion and expertise in sustainable design into the future generation of architecture and interior design professionals. Meg’s knowledge and expertise come courtesy of her successful interior design career of over a decade at leading design practises in Australia and Canada. Meg is passionate about telling the story and creating spaces for her clients in a personal, authentic and natural way. A session not to be missed!

Smaller, smarter, sustainable homes

/TheShowroomCanberra/templates/Smaller, smarter, sustainable homes


Jenny Edwards, Light House Architecture & Science, will inspire and advise on how to create Smaller, Smarter, Sustainable Homes. Our philosophy is to simplify the sustainable design process, to create comfortable, clever, energy-efficient homes; homes that are light-filled and light-footed. Through excellent design and scientific testing, we create homes that feel spacious and comfortable, and function beautifully, on a smaller than average floor area.

BUILD BACK BETTER: Lessons of the Fires


Join panel members Sarah Lebner (Principal Architect, Light House Architecture & Science) & Janet Thomson (Principal Architect, StackSpace) as they discuss how the fires will force us to rethink approaches to our environment – both built and natural.• As we build or build anew, what are the lessons for design and materials? • How must the new normal of a drier, hotter Australia influence the science and sensibility of our homes? • From the specifics of ember attack and combustible materials to the wider need for mitigation, management and adaption, then reaching into the legal frameworks of zoning and standards, how will the new normal change our homes and buildings? • How can the ACT’s leaders, planners, architects and builders apply new thinking to Canberra’s diversity, new developments and existing suburbs, and Canberra’s rural, semi-rural, and urban identities?

Mistakes to avoid when building your new home


Presenters: Danny & Robert Rosin Designing a house from scratch is an opportunity to create your dream home—but there’s a lot that can go wrong. Rosin bros’ upcoming talk at The ShowRoom Canberra will give you the tools to ensure your dream home doesn’t become a nightmare. For example: So where do people often go wrong? “A common mistake is people not understanding the size of rooms, and ultimately room sizes not meeting their brief,” says Robert Rosin, co-director of Canberra building company Rosin Bros. “Not fully understanding the proportions and sizes of the rooms as they’ve been designed means you can end up with awkward shapes or rooms that are difficult to furnish and not realising until the house is up and complete and there’s no scope for changing them.” “There’s technology now that can help you avoid that, with virtual modelling so you can virtually walk around your plans. One of our suggestions is that plans should have the furniture layout shown in them. Or you can always do it the old school way and get sticky tape and mark it out on the floor.”

Smart Electrical - Solar and saving money at home

FEB 15TH 11:00AM (IN BOOTH Session)

Since launching in 2016, EPL Electrical have provided Canberra and surrounding areas with power and lighting maintenance and repairs. Learn to save on your electricity bill with solar.

Building approvals with Icon Water

FEB 15TH 12:15PM (IN BOOTH Session)

Icon Water share their expertise on gaining approval for your domestic building.

Plywood and sustainable kitchens and joinery - are they for you?

FEB 15TH 1:30PM (IN BOOTH Session)

Plywood kitchens and sustainability in building and renovating are topics more and more people are interested in exploring. What do plywood and sustainable options look like for kitchens and interior joinery? What makes them sustainable? And what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Abstract Art with Tina Alesi

FEB 15TH 2:45PM (IN BOOTH Session)

An interactive workshop with Tina Alesi, showcasing her emotive abstract artworks.

Meet a building designer

FEB 15TH & 16th (IN BOOTH Session)

Drop on in and speak with a member of the Building Designers Association

Speakers, Sun 16th Feb 2020

Interior inspirations and renovation reveals

FEB 16TH 10:15am

Join this all star panel to talk all things interior and to find out how to get the best renovation results. Presenters: Kiara Shah - LOFT Studio Canberra, Julie Dalmaso - JMD Interior, Stephanie Stirling - SSDesigns, Craig Minshull - ACT Renovations

The STATE of Real Estate


In this session we ask home.byholly's Holly Komorowski and Zango CEO Ian Keogh to talk about what’s new in real estate in Canberra and how it will make a difference to home buyers and sellers. • The session will relate such tools to the fundamentals: the quality of the agent, knowledge of the market, and relationships with buyers and sellers. • How will the new entrant, Zango Canberra, impact the market?

'Owning your view' with artist JK Henshaw


Join us and be inspired by artist Jacqui Henshaw as she talks about the importance of nature in multi developments and in homes where nature does not live close by. With over twenty years experience in commercial photography, her clients include many of Australia’s most recognisable brands, personalities, and organisations.   Jacqui’s vibrant images reflect her versatility and exceptional attention to detail. Her diverse portfolio covers branding campaigns, book covers and magazine editorials, fashion and home-wares, food and wine, and interiors. Her comprehensive skills also see her working on a wide range of projects for various high profile Melbourne events and venues. She has worked on numerous theatre and film productions, and also works one-on-one with artists to catalogue their work and create imagery for installation pieces. As well as extensive experience in commercial photography, Jacqui is an award-winning fine-art photographer ( and also previously studied millinery. She is currently undertaking a Masters In Entrepreneurship (Fashion).

How to win back your ex (govie)


Join Sarah Brown of Architecture Republic and the Building Designers Association of Australia presenting 'How to win back your ex (govie)' 50 years ago paddle pops were 20c and govies were good houses - but some things don't have to change. Join us to find out how to bring your Canberra ex govie into the 21st century. Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA) is a national association representing Building Designers throughout Australia. Building designers design buildings; from small renovations and additions to large custom designed homes, as well as commercial, retail and industrial projects. Our membership includes national and international design award winners, authors, magazine columnists, sustainability authorities and experts, lecturers and presenters. Building Designers Association of Australia is the only Building Designers national body to represent its members across both State and Federal Planning, as well as in Industry Policy.

Home, and the importance of architecture in shaping our cities


Join AIA ACT President and Founder of The MILL: Architecture + Design Shannon Battisson as she discusses home, and the importance of architecture in shaping our cities , Home is a sacred space for retreat, rest and recovery, but in recent times we have lost sight of the importance of home in our increasingly busy world. With development happening across the country at rates not seen since the post war period, we look at the importance of current new home ideals and the vital role that architecture can play in creating liveable, healthy and socially sustainable suburbs.

Domestic Building Approvals - Icon Water

FEB 16TH 11:00AM (IN BOOTH Session)

Icon Water share their expertise on gaining approval for your domestic building.

LED, Smart switches, DC Fans

FEB 16TH 12:00PM (IN BOOTH Session)

Since launching in 2016, EPL Electrical have provided Canberra and surrounding areas with power and lighting maintenance and repairs. An educational workshop on LED Downlights, Smart Switching, DC Ceiling fans.

Personalise Your Home with Antique and Contemporary

FEB 16TH 1:00PM (IN BOOTH Session)

Create your own personal interior combining antique furniture with contemporary art and ceramics and set it off with designer lighting.

Karinya House Prize Draw


Join Charity Partner Karinya House as they announce the winners of their raffle.

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