Metal Wood and Things

Matthew loves to make things. As such, over years of doing so, he has developed a broad skill set that allows him to fuse various materials together. He likes to combine different finishes and a fluid approach to the design, which means there is a wide range of unique pieces available now. And he would love to take your ideas and bring them to life. Whether it be a simple coffee table or a weird abstract garden piece, or maybe a bookcase just the way you want, his experience and eye for detail can help you see it become reality. When Matt first started making things, there was necessity to reuse materials, or use off cuts and what was often considered to be waste. Years later when using new materials is a viable option, he still likes the challenge of making scrap and waste work in a useful way. Based in Murrumbateman, serving Canberra and surrounds is easy. However he can take care of you if you’re outside the area.