Sandbox Studio Architecture Design

Sandbox Studio is a co-creative architecture & interior design studio. So what's a co-creative studio – another buzzword? Not really, ‘cause we take you - the client - seriously...we respect your design aesthetic, your tastes, your desires! We invite you to co-design with us. Don't worry, we do all the hard work, but we sit with you over a coffee and get your imagination going. We engage you in conversations and exercises (our trade secret ; ) which help reveal to you and us what you really want. We know it's our job to come up with ideas and concepts and do all the architectural work, but we think it's also our job to discover what's in the back of your mind and empower your creativity. The result of such a collaborative process is something really special! We specialise in the design and documentation of new residences, renovations, alterations and additions, interior fit-outs, as well as multi-residential and commercial projects. We are also experienced and keen to engage in creating innovative furniture and interiors. Sandbox Studio is an A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects.