TBIRD: Tarli Bird's art practice involves creating artworks that communicate the vibrance of our surrounding world with her map, urban landscape and garden artworks: MAP Artworks: By turning maps into geometric based designs TBIRD aims to allow people to reminisce over places they have lived or visited. All map prints are made by hand using the processes of hand cut silk screen printing, spray paint, hand stamping and hand embroidery. Prints can be made based on cities, countries or localised areas such as parks. Colour schemes can be adjusted to suit the client. Urban Garden and Urban Landscape Artworks: Urban Garden and Landscape artworks are created using photos of gardens or landscapes as inspiration. TBIRD aims to capture and recreate the energy and vibrancy of these environments by using the following processes: - Layer 1: Acrylic paint is used in an intuitive manner to communicate the natural vibrancy of the natural environment in these images. - Layer 2: Spray Paint is used to spray a geometric stencil grid over this natural environment stamping out the planned organised way we have developed our natural environments. - Layer 3: Hand embroidery is used to connect the natural and urban layers building connections through patterns that highlights the flaws and features of these environments.